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Love Niche Blogger Event...

Thursday 7th November 2013 saw Love Niche host their first ever Blogger Event!

The event was designed to create interest in the company but more importantly to get people to actually get into the studio to experience the wonder of the Love Niche Studio.

Being part of the Love Niche team I'm may be a little bias; but i'm sure all of those who attended will agree the event was amazing! 

Upon arrival guests were greeted to a candle lit studio and welcomed with a lovely glass of sparkling rose garnished with fresh raspberries. 
There was also a lovely arrangement of savory snacks and sweet treats displayed ready for guests to tuck in to.

There were many lovely treats available - I'll begin with the savory selection which included:

Cheese Board featuring a variety of cheeses 
(garnished with red & green grapes of course!)
Fresh French Baguette and Balsamic Vinegar for dipping!
Rough Scottish Oat Cakes
Salt & Pepper Cracker Thins 
Spiced Plum Chutney
Tomato & Nigella Seed Chutney
Selection of nuts and nibbles 
(including Bombay Mix and a personal favorite Pistachio nuts.)

Savory Selection

The cheese board was a definite winner with the guests; I think this is partly because of the carefully considered selection, and quite simply because we chose some less obvious varieties...

So we chose to buy locally and bought all of the cheeses from the Cheese shop in the Grainger Market
This shop is quite simply the best thing I have come across in a while! I can't believe I've never been before! The shop stocks and sells a massive amount of cheese in many varieties. The woman who served us was extremely helpful and along with advising on what cheese were most popular and what to buy she also offered us samples.
The samples and advice led us to buying some strange sounding cheese but the flavours were incredible.

The final cheese selection included: French Brie, Strong Welsh Cheddar, Northumberbland Nettle, Garlic Cheese, Red Devil Chilli Cheese, Wensleydale & Cranberry, Strawberry & Champagne Stilton, and the strangest of all - Sticky Toffee Cheese! 

Ok so it doesn't sound great but honestly its worth a try! The woman suggested it and I was a bit hesitant to try but after being told it tasted more like fudge than cheese, I thought well i'll give it a try...
I'm not going to lie it was a bit weird that a cheese tasted like fudge but after encouraging others to try it at the event everyone was pleasantly surprised by its unique taste.

So overall Cheese may be strange but I am now open to trying the many flavours and varieties available; and all because we have an amazing local cheese shop! 

Another favourite of mine was the Spice Plum Chutney; again from a shop in the Grainger Market. The smell of the store is a delight itself, but the huge variety of chutneys and relishes among other great products is what makes the store so great. Again the customer service was brilliant! Lots of helpful advice and pleasant conversation.

Seriously though we (those of us living in Newcastle) are truly lucky to have such an amazing Market in the heart of the city centre; anyone who doesn't usually shop in the Grainger Market - I urge you to try it and give it a go! 

Now back to Love Niche!

Staying with the food though (because I do love food!) but moving onto the sweet things!
So the sweet treats selection included:

Selection of Chocolates
Marshmallows & Fresh Strawberries with warm melted chocolate for dipping!
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Cheesecake Bites
Coffee Brownie Bites
Oreo Brownie Bites 
Snickers Brownie Bites

Sweet Treats!

Everybody loves a good sweet treat, so there was no surprise to the delighted response to the yummy selection supplied.

The display itself was quite impressive; with the use of cake stands, fondue kit, and various tired stands. The three tired glass stand was stunning with sliver decorative pieces and beautiful matching serving tongs. 

But more importantly the treats themselves were amazing! The Brownie Bites selection and Cheesecake bites were the definite winners here though...

Many thanks to Deli Delivered who kindly supplied us with the bite size beauties!
Quite possibly the best brownies I have ever had! (and anyone who knows me knows of my love for brownies!)

Once everyone had tried a bit of everything guests were treated to a short showcase of some of the new stock in the form of a mini catwalk presentation. 
The dimly lit studio teamed with the hauntingly beautiful sound of Florence and The Machine's Seven Devils created a stunningly dramatic atmosphere while six models slowly floated down the stairwell and through the studio, posing in places to show off the amazing detailing of the garment front and backs. 

After the intimate fashion show guests browsed through the well stocked studio and interacted nicely with staff and the other guests. The entire evening was beautifully executed and was pleasantly surprising to see and hear like minded people interacting. The event brought local bloggers together and I must say there was some lovely people who attended.

To top it all off and to end nicely all attendees were treated to an amazing Love Niche Goodie Bag!

The contents of the Blogger Event goody bag made this the very best Love Niche Goodie Bag to date!

Goodies included inside:

A lovely Bracelet from Love Niche
£25 off voucher for Love Niche
NorthburN Candle Melts
Neals Yard package (including skincare samples, booklet, and vouchers)
Chocolate Tash Lollipop from DeliDelivered
Haircare samples and £10 voucher for Sabai
Geo Bar
& some Leaflets and menus!

Goodie Bag contents!

The event was a great success and hopefully guests have blogged about the evening too! Love Niche host many events and they are all wonderful so keep an eye out for any future events and hopefully some of you can make it to one of the events in the future!

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